CC-WARE Project Partners

The Partnership is composed of partners responsible for the national and regional implementation in regard to water management and supply, and forestry such as national hydro-meteorological institutions, ministries, regional authorities and local water suppliers.


Lead Partner - BMLFUW

Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management – Forest Department
Vienna, Austria


Project Partner 1 - MA31

Municipality of the City of Vienna – Vienna Waterworks (MA31)
Vienna, Austria


Project Partner 2 - MYW

Municipality of Waidhofen an der Ybbs
Waidhofen/Ybbs, Austria


Project Partner 3 - UNILJ

University of Ljubljana
Ljubljana, Slovenia


Project Partner 4 - JP VO-KA

Public Water Utility of Ljubljana – JP Vodovod-Kanalizacija d.o.o.
Ljubljana, Slovenia


Project Partner 5 - NeKI

National Institute for Environment – River Basin Management Department
Budapest, Hungary


Project Partner 6 - ROMSILVA

National Forest Administration
Bucharest, Romania


Project Partner 7 - NMA

National Meteorological Administration
Bucharest, Romania


Project Partner 8 - EFA

Ministry of Agriculture and Food – Executive Forest Agency
Sofia, Bulgaria


Project Partner 9 - EYATH SA

Thessaloniki Water Supply & Sewerage Co sa – Research & Development Department
Thessaloniki, Greece


Project Partner 10 - DAMT

Decentralised Administration of Macedonia and Thrace – Water Directorate of Central Macedonia
Thessaloniki, Greece


Project Partner 11 - ARPA ER

Regional Agency for Environmental Protection in the Emilia Romagna region
Bologna, Italy


IPA Project Partner 01 – IJC

Jaroslav Cerni Institute for the Development of Water Resources
Beograd, Serbia



National Institute of Hydrology and Water Management
Bucharest, Romania



Republic of Slovenia, Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning – Slovenian Environment Agency
Ljubljana, Slovenia


10 % Project Partner 01 – HEIS

Hydro Engineering Institute Sarajevo
Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina


10 % Project Partner 02 – HGI-CGS

Croatian Geological Survey
Zagreb, Croatia