International Conference on Climate and Global Impact on Water Resources

The international conference on Climate and Global Change Impacts on Water Resources was held in Belgrade, Serbia, on 17 and 18 of October 2013, hosted by the UNESCO Category II Centre for Water and Adaptation to CC. The IC contributed to the UNESCO IHP Eighth Phase: Water Security: Responses to Local, Regional and Global Challenges.

The conference adressed following topics:

  • Climate Change (CC) and Global Changes (GC): factors that cause them, observed changes and predictions;
  • Impact of GC on Water Resources (WR) - observed changes and different prediction methodologies (importance of data quality, cooperation and monitoring; impact of different factors on river discharges and trends e.g.: CC in meteorological data, various human activities and influences on water resources, land use changes, etc.);
  • Water scarcity (water use and agriculture under the GC; adaptation measures for water management; frameworks and policies);
  • WR management under the GC conditions (regional and transboundary river basin management; floods; role of ecosystem services, etc.).