The CC-WARE Game 'Clean Water' is ready

The overall target of the CC-WARE game is awareness raising for the Ecosystem Service „Drinking Water Provision“ from the Land Cover Types

  • Wetlands
  • Agriculture (Grasslands and Fields)
  • Forests

It will be disseminated to forest and water schools, kids universities, "forest" teachers and museums which tackle the related topic. The game is for children between 8 and 12 years. The idea behind the game is:

  • The children learn about processes within the context of drinking water supply, land uses and ecosystem services
  • They have to cooperate in order to achieve a high score of water drops
  • They have chose the right out of 3 answers to receive the highest score
  • Target is to learn the adequate adaptive management strategy for drinking water protection
  • The children act as land-owners (farmers, foresters) and interact with the water supplier
  • The Parlour Game is designed as Board Game