CC-WARE Work Package 5

Transnational Strategy for national and regional Action Plans

In the entire SEE area, conditions of water supply are differing in a broad range. Areas of rich water availability contrast with areas of draught and water scarcity. As the preceding SEE project CC-WaterS has revealed considerable risks for the public water supply under climate change conditions, if no measures based on a joint transnational strategy are defined in the field of water quantity and quality management. The main goals of WP5 are to develop an integrated transnational strategy for mitigating water resources vulnerability for the SEE area, the establishment of a framework for national / regional action plans and the knowledge transfer to and exchange with pre-accession and other SEE countries. The jointly developed strategy and the established framework permit a smooth implementation of feasible action plans after project duration obtaining a long-term impact of the project results.

The strategy supports the Danube Region Strategy and takes into consideration the EU Water Framework Directive, the EC White Paper on Adaptation to CC, the EC Communication on Water Scarcity and Droughts, EC Blueprint to safeguard Europe´s waters and the EU 2020 strategy. Building on this integrated strategy, a framework will be established for the development of national / regional action plans.

The actions of WP5 are based on the results of WP3 and WP4 and condense these findings into a coherent transnational drinking water management strategy. Hence, the established framework empowers involved countries/regions to produce or improve their own action plans by using the guidance elaborated in CC-WARE. The different actual governing/legislative structure of the SEE countries will be accounted to obtain realistic and feasible action plans.

The knowledge gained in the project will be transferred to pre-accession and SEE countries. The strategy will support the member countries in implementing national / regional action plans to manage water resources in a sustainable manner.



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Integrated transnational strategy for mitigating vulnerability of drinking water supply in SEE Document
Strategy paper Document
Framework for facilitating development of National/Regional Action Plans  √  Document
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