CC-WARE Work Package 2

Communication and dissemination

WP2 serves internal communication and external communication and dissemination of results. WP 2 includes all activities corresponding to the communication of project work and results, especially to the public.
Measures to ensure a smooth internal communication are the establishment of an internal communication and download area on the web portal, a communication plan indicating internal communication structures, work and communication flows, the participation of all PPs in internal meetings like steering meetings and periodical workshops, external meetings and dissemination activities as well as the establishment of a PM secretary who coordinates the main communication flows.




Here you can find all outputs produced within this work package!



CC-WARE web portal for internal and external communication and dissemination of results  Home
General project folder in English and corporate identity Folder, Folder InlayLogo 
CC-WARE game for awareness rising √  Game Packages
National events during the World Water Day 2013 and 2014 √  Events
National/regional Action Plan brochure Brochure
Articles, press releases  √ Articles & Press Releases
Papers, posters and conference participation  √ Papers & Posters
Midterm / Final Press Conference Conferences
Communication plan Communication Plan
3 Plenary Sessions Meetings