CC-WARE Work Package 1

Transnational project management and coordination

This WP comprises transnational project and financial management and National 1st level control. A comprehensive project co-ordination will be headed by the Lead Partner (LP), but will lay in the hands of the steering group that will be lead by the LP. Decision-making procedures have the goal to be taken unanimously and sufficient room for steering meetings (costs borne by the hosting partner) and joint decision-making will be given. Project and financial management tasks will be subcontracted (costs borne by LP and PP1, but all partners will benefit), so that a maximum of time is used for thematic work with as few organizational and administrative matters as possible.

Transnational project management will serve a smooth project implementation and achievement of outputs and results according to the defined schedule. The tasks of transnational financial management comprise transnational financial reporting and ongoing financial supervision of actual expenditures in comparison with scheduled expenses. With the help of a monitoring and evaluation plan developed by the project manager, an easy monitoring of activities, outputs, results and fulfilled indicators can be assured and the evaluation of produced outputs and the working process assures quality and time control.



Here you can find all outputs produced within this work package!


Project-internal form for transnational financial reporting


Project Handbook, containing cornerstones of project implementation and management-related tasks


Monitoring and evaluation plan for activities, outputs, results and indicators    
Project output documentation    
Financial monitoring form to monitor budget shifts of all PPs    
Chart of the organisational structure of the project including working groups, project steering committee and project lead


Project-internal form for transnational progress reporting

6 Steering Meetings