CC-WARE Work Package 4

Management options for mitigating vulnerability of drinking water resources

The objective of WP4 is the screening, definition and communication of management options for mitigating the vulnerability of drinking water resources. Part of this is the definition of the improvement potential for the final ecosystem service (ES) "supply of pure drinking water in appropriate quantity", which is provided by various different ecosystems. First of all the existing legislation and policy for drinking water supply and protection as well as land use on EU level, national level and on regional level will be analysed and evaluated.

The result will be a catalogue with proposals for improvement of the relevant legislation respectively regulation. Furthermore economic incentives for increasing water use efficiency in different sectors will be defined and analysed. The communication of management options to stakeholders as part of an indicative and schematic learning process forms another WP objective.



Here you can find all outputs produced within this work package!


Report on overview, analysis and improving recommendations of legislation in relation to land use, drinking water protection and the role of ecosystem services on EU, national, regional level - Joint report with WP5 Document
Qualitative description of ecosystem services in homogeneous areas with regard to drinking water protection Document
Criteria and indicator-based assessment of ecosystem services (ES) in SEE Document
Estimation of ecosystem changes due to climate change and related ES change (forests, agriculture, grasslands etc.) in homogeneous areas Document
Recommendations for adaptive management concepts in water protected areas   Document
Options for improving water use efficiency and economic incentives for water management   Document
Evaluation report on best practice catalogue for drinking water management   Document
1st technical transnational workshop and workshop report Meetings
2nd technical transnational workshop and workshop report Meetings
3rd technical transnational workshop and workshop report Meetings