Integrated transnational strategy for water protection and mitigating water resources vulnerability

In our days water resources are under severe pressure caused by climate change and land use. In addition the land use pattern in the South East Europe (SEE) region is expected to change due to economic changes. Both processes will have serious impacts on water resources in general and drinking water resources in particular.

CC-WARE aims at developing an integrated transnational strategy for water protection and mitigating water resources vulnerability. This strategy builds the basis for an implementation of national and regional action plans. The concept for national action plans transfers the achieved and developed knowledge and resulting measures into the regions and on local level to strengthen the institutional capacity and human resources at national, regional and local level. A framework will be setup on national level with respect to legislation as well as national and regional institutional structures to enable the implementation of the strategy developed on transnational level smoothly after project duration to assure a long term impact of the CC-WARE project.

By means of promoting the implementation of national activities for mitigating vulnerability of drinking water supply based on a jointly developed transnational strategy, the entire SEE area with special regard to pre-accession countries will benefit from the project results. Through consultations, workshops and publications, gained knowledge will be transferred to relevant policy makers and stakeholders particularly of pre-accession countries to reach the upmost dissemination.

The evaluation of different water management options for water supply systems with special regard to ecosystem services (ES) of various ecosystems and the analysis of land use regulations will help to define their impact on drinking water resources and propose improvements of land use regulations to assure a safe drinking water supply. The main ES is the supply of pure drinking water in appropriate quantity in different climate regions and homogeneous areas to get a framework which has relevance for drinking water source protection management. Based on experiences from water suppliers and best practice examples a common catalogue of recommendations for economic incentives for water management will be jointly elaborated.




The CC-WARE Game is available

        The CC-WARE Game is now available for download in English, German and Italian.

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The CC-WARE Brochure is available

The CC-WARE Brochure is finalised and can be downloaded here.