CC-WARE Objectives

The main objectives of the project CC-WARE are:

  • The development of an integrated transnational strategy for water protection and mitigating water resources vulnerability as basis for an implementation of national / regional action plans
  • Transfer of the achieved and developed knowledge and resulting measures into the regions and on local level to strengthen the institutional capacity and human resources at national, regional and local level
  • Setup of a framework on national level in regard to legislation and national / regional institutional structures to be able to implement the strategy developed on transnational level smoothly after project duration to assure a long term impact of CC-WARE project
  • The extension of the promotion of implementing national activities for mitigating vulnerability of drinking water supply based on a jointly developed transnational strategy to the entire SEE area with special regard to pre-accession countries
  • The upmost dissemination of the gained knowledge regarding the strategy how to implement national action plans to relevant policy makers and stakeholder particularly of pre-accession countries through consultations, workshops and publications