CC-WARE Innovations

CC-WARE integrates various innovative elements. Innovation will be given by the joint development of a methodology for risk assessment of drinking water resources under climate change. A risk map for drinking water resources in SEE region will be produced. Innovation will also be given through the elaboration of a joint methodology on the assessment of ecosystem services (ES), which will be based on the application and rating of adequate indicators.

These indicators will be elaborated especially for the final ES┬┤ supply of pure drinking water in appropriate quantity┬┤. The indicators will be connected with ecosystem types, hence creating a stratified catalogue of ES indicators for the whole SEE area. Furthermore the multi-discipline integration of different target groups will be the basis for the formulation of source water protection concepts on transnational level.

Management options for improving ES, water use efficiency, and economic incentives for drinking sources water protection will be developed, also considering adaptive management provoked by climate change. This multi-disciplinary method can be described as new approach, creating innovative development for the whole SEE area. The most crucial innovative character of CC-WARE is given by the elaboration of a transnational framework for integral source water protection, which will be integrated into national action plans of the partner countries.

By the way, an implementation policy with the overall aim of source water protection will be created, based on the trans-nationally developed knowledge and awareness regarding the related thematic fields. This was never done before and forms a transnational cooperation, which enables the strategic development of national action plans for source water protection on the national level. For this task, a facile applicable strategy will be used, enabling the creation of national action plans within the whole SEE area, also integrating pre-accession countries.